Word Grid

Find as many words as you can in three minutes. Write them down (on paper if you’re playing with friends, or by typing them in if you’re playing solo) and tally up your score once time runs out. Ready? Begin! Or, if not, give the rules a quick read.

Points Calculator

This will tell you how many points a word is worth.

Note: This isn’t a dictionary. If you put in a bogus combination of letters, it’ll tell you how many points they’d would be worth if they were a word; that doesn’t make them a word. (Need a word game dictionary? You can buy one here.)

Rules of the Game

This game is pretty simple. Any English word four letters or longer counts for points. Proper names like cities, celebrities, or brands don’t count. Neither do slang terms or acronyms. But months do.

To get the point value for a word, take its length and subtract three (so “joke” would be worth one point and “jokes” would be worth two). If the word contains a J, Q, X, or Z, double the points (so “joke” would be worth two points and “jokes” worth four). If the word has more than one of those bonus letters, you still only get to double the score once (“quiz” is two points, not four). Need help? Use the points calculator.

If you’re playing multiple rounds, the winner from each round gets a bonus five points. This helps keep one runaway round from determining the outcome of the entire game.

Single Player Mode

Type the words you find, one per line: